Join the Wheelock PTA for an evening of pizza and pumpkin carving on Wednesday 10/25.
Please RSVP for pizza by Tuesday 10/24 (number of adults, children and gluten free)


Wheelock School ID#1037192
Sale ends October 9, 2017 
Make checks payable to Wheelock PTA
Questions can be directed to PTA President April Reynolds at alpreynolds@gmail.com

Check out the new colors available for this years Wheelock Wear from Bulldog Designs. Orders due by Sunday, October 15th for delivery about October 30th.

Geskus studios will be here Friday, November 3rd. Order online at geskusprint.com with shoot key 8CJTGX9K or send in the order form with payment ON 11/3. FOR BEST RESULTS DO NOT WEAR GREEN.

First Day Backpacks are STILL AVAILABLE!

Monadnock United Way in partnership with the Keene Police Dept. is proud to announce the First Day Project to benefit Wheelock and Fuller School students. Please contact the school if you would like to receive a backpack for your child.

Bike Riding
Fourth and fifth graders may ride their bikes to school. Helmets must be worn. Please review safety rules and routes with your child to be sure they are riding safely.

Welcome back to school!  We had a great opening and a well attended Open House this week.  Thanks to the PTA for hosting the book fair again this year.  We have some new staff at Wheelock this year:
     Ms Hoke - Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs Bell- Grade 1 Teacher
Mrs Percival – Grade 1 Paraprofessional
Ms Ross - Tutor Grades 3 & 4
Mrs Calkins - Grade 5 Paraprofessional
rs Ballou - Physical Education Teacher
Ms Casey - Behavior Interventionist

Please be aware that pets are NOT ALLOWED on school property.  There has been an increasing number of parents bringing pets to school at drop off and pick up.  Safety of our students is our priority.  In order to ensure that all students, staff, and parents are safe, please do not bring your pets to school.  Thank you.

Please be aware that on any given day the buses may arrive home in the afternoons at different times due to the time of departure, number of kids riding, traffic/construction, etc.  Please remember that adults MUST be visible to the bus driver in order for students to be dropped off (grade K- 1). If parents are not present, students will be brought back to school.

One of our challenges at Wheelock is parent parking.  At morning and afternoon drop off, parents have been parking in “No Parking” areas and in crosswalks.  This can certainly lead to a ticket from the police department, but also is causing some safety concerns as student visibility can be impacted.  In an effort to avoid an accident or injury, please park in marked spaces only on the appropriate side of the street.  Parents and children should cross in crosswalks.  Parents should not make U-turns in the middle of Adams Street.  Please help us to ensure everyone is safe and that there are no accidents! 

It is extremely important that you notify us when your contact phone numbers change.  If a child is sick or absent and we cannot reach you, we will try all of the numbers you have given us in an effort to make contact.  Thank you for your help with this.

Halloween Parties are Friday, October 27th.  At 2:00 pm we will have a whole school costume parade in the Wheelock Community Room.  Classroom parties will take place after the parade.  Students should wear their regular clothes to school and put on costumes before the parade.

Costume Rules:

     No make-up

     No face paint

     No weapons

    No masks