Winter Has Arrived
Winter has arrived.  Please be sure that children bring snow clothes each day. 
Every child 
needs the FROSTY 5
       1. H
at or ear covering 2. Gloves 3. Jacket 4. Snowpants 5. Boots. 
We go out for recess every day unless the wind chill gets below twelve degrees.  Warm winter clothing provides warmth from the cold, wind, and protection from wetness from the snow/ice.

Students without boots will still go out but will be restricted from the snow areas.  If you have any questions, please call the school office.

Lost & Found
Please come in and check our lost and found.  We have shirts, jackets, and many other items.  Also, we ask that you label boots and snow pants with your child’s name or initials.  A silver or black permanent marker works well.  Many snow pants and boots look alike.  We want to be sure that each child has his/her own items. 


School Delays and Closings
Please be aware that the Keene School District is part of SAU 29 which includes the towns of Harrisville, Marlborough, Nelson, Westmoreland, Chesterfield, and Marlow.  When a school delay or cancellation is determined, it is based on the weather of the entire SAU.  These decisions are based on road conditions and all decisions are made in the best interest of the safety of our students.  For school delays and cancellations please check your voicemail/email/text from the Keene School District and/or listen to the radio at 103.7 WKNE or on television on Channel 9 WMUR. For more information see the Family Letter from Superintendent Malay.

Winter Playground Expectations
We do go out for recess unless the conditions are too slippery or if the temperature with the windchill is 12 degrees or below.  In order to fully access all parts of the playground, students need a coat, snow pants, boots, mittens or gloves, and a hat or ear covering like ear muffs.  If students are not prepared with the 5 items required they will go out, but they will be restricted to play on the blacktop only.  These items are important as they provide warmth and keep clothes underneath dry.  If students are in need of winter clothing, please feel free to call the school as we do have extra items on hand.

In order to maintain a safe environment, we do not throw snow, throw snowballs, or kick snow at others on the playground or any school grounds.  Thank you for helping to support this!

Just a reminder- school begins at 8:20 am.  When students arrive late, they may miss morning meeting, instruction, and the overview of the day.  Please do your best to support students arriving to school on time.

In November, we have partnered with the Cheshire County’s Sherriff’s office in hiring a truant officer.  State law defines truant as “5 days of unexcused absences.”  We will be closely monitoring student attendance and making referrals to the truant officer as warranted.  Students need to be in school every day unless they are too ill to do so.  When students miss large amounts of instruction, it is hard for them to catch up.  Please do your best to ensure your child is present in school every day.

Please be aware that pets are NOT ALLOWED on school property.  There has been an increasing number of parents bringing pets to school at drop off and pick up.  Safety of our students is our priority.  In order to ensure that all students, staff, and parents are safe, please do not bring your pets to school.  Thank you.

Please be aware that on any given day the buses may arrive home in the afternoons at different times due to the time of departure, number of kids riding, traffic/construction, etc.  Please remember that adults MUST be visible to the bus driver in order for students to be dropped off (grade K- 1). If parents are not present, students will be brought back to school.

One of our challenges at Wheelock is parent parking.  At morning and afternoon drop off, parents have been parking in “No Parking” areas and in crosswalks.  This can certainly lead to a ticket from the police department, but also is causing some safety concerns as student visibility can be impacted.  In an effort to avoid an accident or injury, please park in marked spaces only on the appropriate side of the street.  Parents and children should cross in crosswalks.  Parents should not make U-turns in the middle of Adams Street.  Please help us to ensure everyone is safe and that there are no accidents! 

It is extremely important that you notify us when your contact phone numbers change.  If a child is sick or absent and we cannot reach you, we will try all of the numbers you have given us in an effort to make contact.  Thank you for your help with this.