VOLUNTEERS A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers this year.  Whether you helped with PTA events, volunteered in classrooms, served as an America Reads volunteer, acted as a Big Brother or Big Sister, chaperoned a field trip or helped in other ways, we are so thankful for you and your support.  We cannot do what we do without you!
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Monday, June 18th will be the last day of school.  Please note dismissal will be at 12:30PM.
LOST AND FOUND Please be sure to stop in and rummage through our lost and found.  Items not claimed buy the end of June will be donated to local agencies or put in storage for next year.
FIFTH GRADE RECOGNITION We will hold our recognition for our fifth graders on the evening of Wednesday, June 13th at 6:00PM.  More information will be coming home soon.
PLACEMENT We are currently meeting with classroom teachers to develop class lists for next year. Parents will be notified of their child’s class placement via mail mid August.
KINDERGARTEN 2018-2019 Our Kindergarten “Meet and Greet” for incoming Kindergarteners will be held on Thursday, May 31st from 3:30 to 4:30PM.  Come tour the Kindergarten classrooms and meet the 2 Kindergarten teachers- Mrs. Seelen and Mrs. Hoke.
WHEELOCK DAY- FIELD DAY We are happy to announce that our annual Wheelock Day-Field Day will take place on Monday, June 11th 2018.  Students will have the opportunity to: participate in track and field type activities, play games in the gymnasium, use a slip and slide and other activities that make use of skills we have learned in PE class this year.  We will have a BBQ lunch and eat outside. Wheelock Day-Field Day is a great way to wrap up the school year and celebrate the hard work of all students.  All students will need a signed permission slip so please be sure to return that ASAP.  Grades K-2 will have outside activities from 9 to 11am and grades 3 -5 will have their time from 1230 to 230pm.  Feel free to stop by and visit your child during the times they will be outside.  Due to the different structure of Wheelock Day (classes/grades will rotate through activities versus students selecting what they participate in), a limited number of volunteers may be needed (contact Mrs. Ballou if you are interested and can be available both the 11th and the rain date of the 13th). 
  WHEELOCK SCHOOL MAY NEWS YARD SALE The Wheelock PTA is sponsoring a Yard Sale here on
Saturday, June 16 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Come join us to rent a spot, do some shopping or contribute to the Grade 4 bake and snack sale.

MORNING DROP OFF Reminder - no staff are on duty before 8:05 am. We understand everyone has busy schedules, however, in order to be sure students are appropriately supervised, please refrain from dropping students off to school prior to 8:05 am. Thank you. CLOTHING REMINDERS As the weather gets warmer - a few reminders: No flip-flops or slide sandals - sandals must be secure on students feet No spaghetti strap tank tops - t-shirts or sleeveless shirts are better options Shorts should be of appropriate length - a good test is to put your hands down by your sides and see where your fingertips end - shorts should reach that point. UPDATE ON PLAYGROUND PROJECT With the support of the KSD budget, Timken, Wheelock PTA, and the Kingsbury Fund, we have raised enough funds to replace our main playground this summer. Please be aware that there will be periods of time the playground will not be accessible this summer due to this project.

CITY OF KEENE WATER FAIR Last month our fourth graders presented some pretty awesome water fair projects. Congratulations to all of our fourth graders who participated in the water fair. Honorable Mention: Cary Chevalier, Audrey Garland, and Gavin Morton 3rd Place: Brady Joyal and Skylar Champion 2nd Place: Emma Rae St. Arnauld 1st Place: Jack Quarry




Oftentimes parents find that they need to change their phone numbers.  Please remember to include the school in notifying us of your change of phone number.  When your child is absent, we will call your number as well as any other numbers we have on your emergency contact list, to verify that your child is safe and ok.   A few weeks ago we also sent home a mid-year enrollment verification form for you to verify your contact information.  Thank you for your help with this. If you need another copy, please contact the school office.



Please be aware that the Keene School District is part of SAU 29 which includes the towns of Harrisville, Marlborough, Nelson, Westmoreland, Chesterfield, and Marlow.  When a school delay or cancellation is determined, it is based on the weather of the entire SAU.  These decisions are based on road conditions and all decisions are made in the best interest of the safety of our students.  For school delays and cancellations please check your voicemail/email/text from the Keene School District and/or listen to the radio at 103.7 WKNE or on television on Channel 9 WMUR. For more information see the Family Letter from Superintendent Malay.


Just a reminder- school begins at 8:20 am.  When students arrive late, they may miss morning meeting, instruction, and the overview of the day.  Please do your best to support students arriving at school on time.

In November, we have partnered with the Cheshire County’s Sherriff’s office in hiring a truant officer.  State law defines truant as “5 days of unexcused absences.”  We will be closely monitoring student attendance and making referrals to the truant officer as warranted.  Students need to be in school every day unless they are too ill to do so.  When students miss large amounts of instruction, it is hard for them to catch up.  Please do your best to ensure your child is present in school every day.

Please be aware that pets are NOT ALLOWED on school property.  There has been an increasing number of parents bringing pets to school at drop off and pick up.  Safety of our students is our priority.  In order to ensure that all students, staff, and parents are safe, please do not bring your pets to school.  Thank you.

Please be aware that on any given day the buses may arrive home in the afternoons at different times due to the time of departure, number of kids riding, traffic/construction, etc.  Please remember that adults MUST be visible to the bus driver in order for students to be dropped off (grade K- 1). If parents are not present, students will be brought back to school.

One of our challenges at Wheelock is parent parking.  At morning and afternoon drop off, parents have been parking in “No Parking” areas and in crosswalks.  This can certainly lead to a ticket from the police department, but also is causing some safety concerns as student visibility can be impacted.  In an effort to avoid an accident or injury, please park in marked spaces only on the appropriate side of the street.  Parents and children should cross in crosswalks.  Parents should not make U-turns in the middle of Adams Street.  Please help us to ensure everyone is safe and that there are no accidents! 

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